After my mother-in-law passed away, I wanted to give our
cousin a thoughtful gift for providing such exceptional care to her in her final days.
While sorting through her personal items, I decided to keep 
a few of her garments, with hopes to use the fabric to create a
 custom work of art I could gift to our cousin.  

Using swatches of material from her wardrobe, paint, 
and other personal accessories, I created a Tree of Life. 

 I decided to call this special work, Celebration Art. Too often we are so overwhelmed with sorrow over the passing of a loved one, that we forget to recall and celebrate the joy that we received from them during their life. 

Bring warmth to your heart and turn your pain into purpose.

For custom Celebration Art, please message me. I look forward to hearing about that special person you want to honor.

ROSEMARIE CUOZZO   11.7.28 – 9.24.20

SALLY LEMIEUX   10.7.49 – 7.16.20


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