I've always enjoyed the challenge of taking scraps of old materials I collect and repurposing them into something magical that may have otherwise been tossed in the garbage. Like almost all artists, I save everything, and this project takes some of my everything and turned it into a something!

This project repurposes blank notecards and transforms them into colorful and textured cards appropriate for almost any sentiment –
and who doesn't like getting a fun card in the mail?!

This project is appropriate for kids over the age of 10, seniors, and anyone who can manage an X-acto knife.

Project time is approximately 30-45 minutes. 

Let's get started!


(2) different blank, colored notecards & envelopes, similar to these available at any craft store. *For this tutorial, I used 5.5" x 4.25" cards.


X-acto knife



Superglue  – I like the super small single-use tubes you can find at stores like Ocean State Job Lot.

Cutting mat – as you can see from my pics, mine is 1,000 years old!  You can purchase one at any craft store and if you don't have one, a large piece of thick cardboard or a silicone cutting mat you would use in your kitchen will work well.

Double-sided tape – I highly recommend the Scotch brand. I have used others that are considerably less expensive but the adhesive does not hold well. 

• Plastic gemstones – I think the Creatology brand that Michael's carries offers some great color and size options for a super-low price.

Washi tape – Target, Walmart, Michael's and JoAnne's carries the tape. Please use at least 1/2" wide tape, any size smaller might not hold the cardstock together securely.

• Embellishments – you don't have to use florals for this, as you can see in my example pic above, felt cut-outs will work too. Magazine pics, dried flowers, stickers, glitter, foam, anything you want to add on the front of the card that will work as a feature.

• Silk florals – for this tutorial I am using an orange jumbo spiked Gerbera daisy silk floral from a summer project. You can use any florals that can be pulled apart and will provide you with some thin layers of petals.

Colored paper with no patterns – we will be using this paper as insert for your written message inside the card.  I love the Astrobrights colored paper you can find at Staples and most other retail stores that carry office supplies.


Before I begin, I take an inventory on the colors available to me with ALL my supplies: washi tape, cards, gemstones, florals and insert paper. As you can see in my sample pics, all the materials I am using for the cards create a nice color palette. You will want to have your color palette completed prior to building your card.

The first step in this project is to take (2) blank/patterned, colorful note cards you have selected and merge them together.  For this tutorial, I used an orange dot pattern card and a salmon confetti pattern card that I selected from my Craft Smart box of 80 colored note cards, which is the Michael's house brand.


Select the (2) cards you want to use to make (1) card.

Open them up, measure on the inside, mark it, and slice each card in half using a ruler and your X-acto blade.

Now take the left side of one card and the right side of the other. These (2) halves will be used to create your card.


Select a tape that will work nicely with both of your colors/patterns. Be sure to use a length longer than the card - you will want excess tape on both ends of the card.

I lay one piece flattened and place about half the width of my tape across the midsection of that piece.

Then I flip it over and place my other half on top of that tape that is still exposed. Press firmly so the tape adheres tightly to the cards.

Fold in the remaining length of your piece of tape on both ends.

Once folded, this is how the front of your card should look. 

And, this is how the backside should look.


I selected a bright orange paper for my insert and I cut the piece to measure 8.25" x 5. 25", so it will fit inside my card with .25" margin left. This will cover those tape ends we tucked in before and allow you to have a nice solid section to insert your written message.

I then fold that piece in half to prepare for taping.

On your folded insert, using your double-sided tape, place (3) small pieces on one side.

Stick that one side inside your card as shown and then do the same with your tape to the remaining side.

Close the card and press firmly to create a nice seal with the tape. Now your insert is complete.


I used a spiked Gerbera daisy for my floral embellishment  because it was in my box of goodies, and because the leaves are thin and flat with lots of spikes.

The middle (pistil) of the flower pops off and the layers of the petals are easily removed.

I have lots of layers to choose from and lots of sizes.

Using your ruler, slice the petal in half. You can always trim a few spikes if you need to.

Using double-sided tape, I placed (3) small pieces on one side of the petal, but only on the interior section, as you will want your spikes to freely move.

Find a center point and stick the piece on your card.


I selected (2) sizes from my collection and decided to use only (2) colors: pink and orange, to pair nicely with the colors of my card.

I always do a dry test-run of placement when working with small embellishments. Play around with how many you want to include and where you want them, BEFORE you start gluing. 

Using a very small dot of superglue, I put the glue on the card, not the gem. This way if you drop the gem, it won't fall and stick on another location of the card.

I use the eraser side of a pencil to lightly press the gem on the glue dot. Hold for about 10 seconds and release.

Continue adding your gems in the design you preselected.

Once finished adding all the gems, be sure not to touch them, they won't be completely dry for several minutes.


If you want to add a little color to the white envelope that comes with your box of cards, add a stripe of washi tape around the entire envelope and seal together in the back. 


As you are crafting your card, I recommend you continue to make the other one when you are finished. Since you will be left with (2) additional pieces from the originals you cut, you might as well make another one. And, if you are feeling really ambitious, make several. It's a nice relief having a supply of handmade notecards all ready when you really need one. Creating your own greeting cards is a fun and easy project that I guarantee will impress any recipient, plus, they are super affordable to make. Enjoy!

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